First Floor 640 square feet

Second Floor 640 square feet

Porches 640 square feet

$2500 for Construction documents

The Juniper is a 3 bedroom cottage that is based on the vernacular form of the Freedman's Cottage. The Freedman’s cottage is a small dwelling that is one room wide with a front piazza and no central hallway. These cottages were constructed with limited means, but the inhabitants and builders still valued the vernacular principles that would make the cottages more comfortable in the hot, humid climate. They have great cross ventilation and very tall ceilings. There are numerous examples of the Freedman’s cottage in Beaufort, especially in the Northwest Quadrant of downtown. To read more about Freedman's cottages, see our blog post.

This version has two stories, with the master bedroom on the main level. There are two additional bedrooms and a shared bath on the second floor. Though this house is only 1280 square feet, the design is comfortable and practical. Large porches add to the living space and storage is tucked in thoughtfully. 

The Boxwood is a one-story version of the Freedman's cottage.