1156 Square feet

Porches 438 Square feet

Length 34' Width 34'

$2500 for Construction Documents

The Boxwood is a one-story house that is based on a common vernacular form, the Freedman's cottage. To read more about Freedman's cottages, see our blog post here. This version fits 3 bedrooms, two baths and an open living, dining and kitchen area all into less than 1200 square feet. The vaulted ceiling in the living areas creates the illusion of more space. 

Living with less square footage has many benefits. A smaller home is more energy efficient, which saves money and reduced your ecological impact. There is less house to maintain and clean. The home is cozy and intimate. Your cost of building and living will decrease with less square footage. Your family may have to be flexible and creative if you are used to living large, but downsizing can be very rewarding. 

You may also like The Juniper, which is another Freedman's cottage, this one is slightly larger with two stories.