First Floor 576 square feet
Second Floor 576 square feet
Porches 720 square feet
Width 16' Length 36'
$2500 for Construction Documents


If you stroll along the streets of Charleston, SC or the surrounding area, you will notice a common vernacular form of architecture; the Single House. These houses are one-room in width and have a large porch that should face the South and the prevailing breezes. Hot, Humid Solutions has updated this design for the 21st Century. This plan is open on the main floor, with a line of sight from the kitchen to the dining and living rooms. There is a laundry and pantry area and a half bath on the main floor. The second floor has a master bedroom with ample closet space, as well as a full bath and a second bedroom.  The square footage of the house is vastly increased when one considers the size of the piazzas on both floors. In our hot, humid climate, outdoor space can be utilized year-round. This plan can be modified to suit your tastes. We have drawn both a contemporary version and a more traditional one (shown above on the right). The floor plans below are drawn for the contemporary single house. The traditional plan would be slightly different, with different window placements and sizes.


Main Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan