House Plans

Alternate South Elevation2


Main Level 1,760 s.f. Second Floor 1,500 s.f. Porches 1.250 s.f. $4,000 for Construction Documents The Drexal is a gabled version of the Dorothy Nell – They were sisters after all! The second floor has more space and larger windows. This plan has a detatched guest house and you could add a detached garage to […]

south house only

Dorothy Nell

  First Floor 1,760 s.f.   Second Floor 1,010 s.f.   Porches 1,250 s.f.   Width 55′ -6″  Length 87′ – 0″    $4,000 for Construction Documents The Dorothy Nell, named after Jane’s great aunt from North Alabama is a classic square house that has a detatched guest house and you can add a detatched […]

gable front dogtrot3

Dogtrot -Ezzie Pearl

1,824 square feet 50 ‘ wide 54′ deep $3,500 for construction documents   The Ezzie Pearl, named after Jane’s North Alabama Great Great Grandmother’s sister, is a smaller, beautifully proportioned modern interpretation of the dogtrot. Here the center, dogtrot space, is the living, dining, kitchen and outdoor living spaces. We have shown a more traditional  front with large […]

Dogtrot - Essie Curl

Dogtrot – Essie Curl

First floor 2,119 s.f. Second floor 1,099 s.f. Covered porches 1,144 s.f. Overall Dimensions 52′ side to side and 62′-5″ front to back Cost for Construction Documents – $3,500