1,824 square feet
Porches 616 square feet
50 ‘ wide 54’ deep
$4,500 for construction documents

The Camellia is a smaller, beautifully proportioned modern interpretation of the dogtrot. Here the center, dogtrot space, is the living, dining, kitchen and outdoor living spaces. We have shown a more traditional front with large windows and double doors to let the breeze funnel through. A big fireplace centers in the symmetrical vaulted space, and has flanking folding walls that join the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

At 1824 square feet you get a much larger feeling house, with a luxurious master suite and optional bedrooms or bedroom and study on the opposite side.  Dormers add plenty natural light to the center of the living spaces and built- ins along both sides separate the public rooms from the private and give plenty storage .  As in any dogtrot, the orientation should capture the prevailing breezes and enable many days with the house open and fresh air flowing through.

Here is a larger version of The Camellia built in Palmetto Bluff. Visit our blog to see more photos. http://www.hothumidsolutions.com/buildinginahothumidclimate/2016/9/14/the-camellia