What can I expect from an architectural review board?

Architectural review board policies and procedures are a common concern among
people who wish to build or renovate. The process seems lengthy,the forms can be
confusing, and people worry that the board will prevent their project from moving
forward. The first step is discuss the process with the administrator. Homeowners
who have hired an architect will find themselves at an advantage in the review board
process. Local architects have established relationships with many of the review
boards in the area. The architect will help you through the process by completing
forms, compiling submissions, and presenting your project to the board.
There are two types of review boards. In Beaufort and Port Royal, there are public
review boards whose members are appointed by the local governments. These
review board are tasked with preserving the integrity of the historic districts. The
meeting are open to the public, so they will vote and discuss projects in front of the
architects and owners.
Many private communities in Beaufort County have their own review boards.
Generally, these boards are populated with other homeowners and have an architect
advisor. The boards often meet in private but will allow your architect to present the
project and answer questions.