How do I protect my house from a hurricane?

Many homeowners in hot & humid climates live in areas that are prone to hurricanes. 

The ASHRAE Guide for Building in Hot & Humid Climates recommends to design
and construct buildings in hurricane prone areas using the following steps in order
of priority.

Building in hurricane prone areas

1. Keep the building from blowing away
        a. The building must be tied together from the roof rafters to the
        b. Be designed to withstand wind shear
        c. Windows should be impact rated
        d. The exterior finishes should be securely fastened to the structure
2. Keep the rain out
        a. The roof should have a large overhang
        b. All windows and doors should have sill pans
        c. Flash all windows, doors and other penetrations
        d. Provide a secondary roofing membrane
        e. Design closed crawl spaces that are dry and watertight
        f. Drain water away from the house by using gutters and sloping the
           ground away from the building
3. Prevent flood damage
    a. Elevate the structure above the flood plain
    b. Install hydro-static