Solar Power in South Carolina

The South East is poised to be a leader in the country for the use of solar power in private residences. Our latitude and climate in sunny South Carolina make it ideal for harnessing the power of the sun. With changing legislation, perceptions of solar power systems are changing as well. Here in South Carolina, recent legislation aims to increase the amount of solar installations and solar energy used. Public power utilities must obtain two percent of their average peak power demand from solar energy sources by 2020. For individual homeowners, costs of owning solar panels will be reduced in various ways. The new legislation increases the net-metering cap, which allows individuals to sell power back to the utilities, at the same price that the utilities charge. For the first time, solar leasing will be allowed in SC and several companies are now offering financing on home solar panel systems. With net-metering, tax breaks and rebates in place for solar energy users, the payback from installation can happen in as little as three years.

Along with legislative changes across the country, attitudes toward renewable energy in residential homes are shifting. The Department of Energy encourages energy efficiency in new homes through programs such as its “Zero Energy Ready Home Standard.” These guidelines ensure that when a home is outfitted with a solar panel system, it will use the resources as efficiently as possible.

Here at H2S, we are ready to help our clients take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of solar power. We believe that the use of renewable energy sources is incredibly important, and we’d like for our clients, and our firm to be pioneers in the changing landscape of energy sources. Our mission is to design homes that are perfectly suited to the hot, humid Southern landscape and climate. The future is here, and it is time to include renewable solar energy systems as part of the fulfillment of our mission.