Hot Humid Solutions is a division of Frederick + Frederick Architects. For over 27 years, Frederick + Frederick Architects has been helping clients discover the unique features of their properties and designing houses that connect the homeowners to the land in the Coastal South. The majority of the firm’s clients moved to the Coastal South from cold climates and hired Frederick + Frederick Architects because of its expertise in building in a hot, humid, hurricane-prone climate. Because the majority of houses are built without an architect, the Fredericks have established H2S, Hot, Humid Solutions to provide regionally appropriate house designs that share the firm’s knowledge and experience of connecting houses to the land and building houses that thrive in a hot, humid climate.

The fastest growing region in the country is the Coastal South—defined as areas close to the Gulf Coast in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama; all of Florida; and up the Atlantic Coast to southern North Carolina. This region receives at least 20 inches of rain annually, but that level often ranges between 40 to 60 inches. The monthly average outdoor temperature is above 45 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter with the average high in July and August over 90 degrees Fahrenheit with 90 percent humidity. Being in this region in the summer has been described as feeling like you are in a dog’s mouth. The intense solar radiation and high moisture levels create unique challenges to building a comfortable house that is easy to maintain and that minimizes its impact on the environment.

Over the past 40 years, the innovations of tightly sealed houses, thermal insulation, and air-conditioning have made houses more comfortable but have also introduced problems with the durability of materials and created environments conducive to the growth of mold and mildew, especially in hot, humid climates. Building codes were traditionally written for cold climates, where the focus on keeping cold air out and heating the interior required different detailing than keeping hot, humid air out and cooling the interior.  The plans presented by Hot, Humid Solutions are based on vernacular traditions and detailed to reflect the most current building science  for hot, humid climates. Therefore if you want to build one of our plans in a different climate, the detailing of the building should be revised for your climate.

In 1989, Jane and Michael, established Frederick + Frederick Architects in Beaufort, South Carolina, a hot, humid town. The firm, residential design specialists, has intensively studied Southern vernacular traditions and the advances in building detailing for hot, humid climates; as a result, it creates comfortable houses that fit the Southern landscape, climate, culture, and client.