Vernacular houses in the hot, humid South seem to grow from the land. Their designs respond to the sun angles, trees, breezes and views of the unique site. Hot, Humid Solutions provides house plans based on the building traditions of our region. 


What we do:

  • We use site photos, a tree and topographical survey, and GIS maps to create the site plan, which places the house so it’s architectural form provides shade from the heat and is open to sunshine in the winter. The house is sited to capture prevailing breezes, views and harmonize with existing trees and native plants.
  •  We emphasize the use of glass and outdoor living spaces to connect you to the rhythms of nature.
  • We provide construction documents with details that enable the house to withstand heat and humidity, use little energy and last with minimal maintenance.
  • We design beautiful and well-proportioned forms and comfortable spaces that respond to individual sites.